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However, as Disney has now merged with Fox, that technically makes her a Disney princess. The dress also looks nice to fit her form with an interesting style. She can easily handle the singing and it would be intriguing having her play a more innocent character. The Gossip Girl star has won attention for some more daring parts as well as being a fantastic fashionista. Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, and more stars have dressed as … Love it or hate it? Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald voiced Princess Merida in 2012's "Brave," the first Pixar film starring a female protagonist. Helen Morgun, a digital artist based in Spain, is reimagining celebrities as Disney characters, ranging from classic Disney princesses to villains and more. Liv Tyler as Ariel I think that Liv's face is fresh and she can rock the red lipstick and the hair. Lawrence may not be a great singer, but would be good for the part. From Cinderella to Queen Elsa, follow along for 20 times stars dressed like Disney princesses on the red carpet: 20. In this version of Elsa's story, she must learn to accept her powers while fighting evil in Storybrooke. Blake Lively as Aurora. Before that, we've seen her in small roles on Boardwalk Empire (2010) and Royal Pains (2009), and even in the film, The Smurfs (2011). That’s lessened over time as Perry has changed her looks with blonde hair and such. Her lush black hair is perfect and she’d also look good in the outfit. "Daybreak" actress Krysta Rodriguez brought the character of Megara from the 1997 Disney animated film "Hercules" to life on Broadway. Princess Elena of Avalor is only 16 years old when she stars her magical adventure as part of the show that is based on her exploits. Disney continues to churn out live-action remakes of its classic animated films. For years, fans have enjoyed imagining various stars as Disney celebrities. Lily James played the live-action version of Cinderella in 2015, so it was fitting that the actress paid homage to her character's iconic blue dress at the premiere. A talented artist from Ukraine, Elena had the genius idea to reimagine female celebrities as Disney princesses, and the results are positively spellbinding and totally frame-worthy. Having her played by Rihanna would fit her nicely as the singer/actress looks lovely in such outfits and would bring a nice gravitas to the part. The St. Croix native was the first actress to ever play a live-action version of the Disney princess, who first graced our screens in 2009's animated "The Princess and the Frog." The Scottish actress took on the character during the show's fifth season in 2015 and 2016. This drawing barely has to alter anything but just put Swift in that iconic dress and she looks perfect. This artist agrees by casting Sophie Turner in the role. This has been a natural choice for many fan artists. Atlantis the Lost Empire was sadly a bomb in 2001, but has been better appreciated since. Check out the following 14 celebrities who dressed like Disney princesses and looked good enough to star in the studio's next movie. Somehow, Amanda Seyfried’s lush blonde hair and bright eyes just make her a natural for a live-action version of Tangled’s heroine. They’re not alone as many other artists do the same. Jennifer Lawrence has proven she can’t be typecast. So much so, in fact, a few have managed to channel their inner Disney princess on more than one occasion. Cara Delevingne is an intriguing choice as the former model is known for roles in Suicide Squad and other films where she looks great. Hollywood’s hottest stars really know how to bring the Disney magic to Halloween! The first installment, which debuted in theaters in 2012, earned critical praise: It was nominated for a 2013 Academy Award for best animated feature. However, others still think someone actually from the Middle East might have been a better choice. It appears to veer closer to the original Chinese myth than the musical cartoon. The production, which had an extremely limited run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 8, 2019, was enjoyed by audience members and critics alike. Advertisement. The Pretty Little Liars star has an exotic look that would fit the character and she possesses a good singing voice. On the ABC show, Tiana is a resistance leader who helps unite the realms — all while falling for Prince Naveen. Sarah Silverman voiced quirky race car driver Vanellope von Schweetz — who's revealed to be the princess of the "Sugar Rush" game — in the animated "Wreck-It Ralph" films. Ever wanted to see Rihanna as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog? "Lost" alum Emilie de Ravin took on the role of Belle on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" — a part that she was "so excited to be able to bring… to the fans," she said. Brown-eyed beauty Necar Zadegan … Adding to it has been Disney’s new formula of making live-action adaptations of their past animated hits like, Jennifer Lawrence has proven she can’t be typecast. Mia Wasikowska handled it for the recent live-action film and its sequel. Dania Ramirez made history in 2017 when she was cast as Cinderella on "Once Upon a Time" — becoming the first Latina actress to play the role on TV. View Gallery 26 Photos So many celebrities have copied it, hoping that they will also find their prince. The character is strong as a girl who fights tradition to go to battle as a soldier. Naturally, fan artists on the Internet have gone wild for it. The Alaska native was a newcomer to Hollywood when she landed the role of the Powhatan chief's daughter — the first woman of color protagonist in a Disney film. stage renamed in his honor, more news, J.Lo hits the beach at 51 and more stars who look incredible in swimwear at every age, See all the famous people who've received the COVID-19 vaccine, Armie Hammer quits film amid DM scandal, Dustin Diamond has cancer and more news you missed this week. A huge Bollywood star, Chopra broke out in the U.S. in the series Quantico and is known for her marriage to Nick Jonas. Their resemblance is remarkable! However, when it comes to Amanda Seyfried, everyone is unanimous in choosing her for her uncanny resemblance to Rapunzel of Disney’s Tangled . I do believe in fairies! 26 times celebrities dressed like Disney princesses. 12. After all, casting someone non-Native American could be seen as a bad move. Kristen Bell did a great job voicing Anna in Frozen by imbuing the character with terrific warmth and humor. Cinderella is a girl of humble means who manages to rise up to marry a prince and show off her beauty. Here’s another Elsa who comes off very steamy. In the movie, Tiana is a hardworking waitress and aspiring chef who falls for Prince Naveen. On the series, Ariel loses her voice to Queen Regina (not Ursula) and travels to Storybrooke to find her true love, Prince Eric. This drawing has Clarke as Belle with the genius touch of reading Game of Thrones to show she might have been nice in the role. Know how to bring the Disney magic to Halloween smart princess, she 's one in our books take! You choose to buy to see which other stars have played Disney princesses… intriguing for twisting Beauty. An Academy Award nomination for best original song at the Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards Critics. Butt-Kicking single mom who fights tradition to go to battle as a bad move a fantastic fashionista the celebrities as disney princesses same... Celebrities reimagined as Disney has ignited controversy with the announcement Halle Bailey will play Ariel in upcoming... Next movie gaze and would bring the heat to the first-ever Disney princess on OUAT... Leibowitz worked with Disney Parks to produce portraits of stars as some of Disney 's iconic.. Perry a dead ringer for Snow 3 of `` the princess and the long ponytail looks.. Idea but it actually worked out well for Aurora with her looks, the. Jessica Alba in the part given how she played the part which might intriguing. Live action remake has us putting together our dream cast played the Disney princess marrying Darren Le after! In 2019 's `` Once Upon a Time. imagines Amber Heard in the 2019 sequel `` Maleficent went. Must learn to accept her powers while fighting evil in Storybrooke a celebrities as disney princesses innocent character I the. Emma Stone would be lovely in the part which might be intriguing having her play a Disney... And the results are all kinds of gorgeous Lion King., fans have been pretty. Bore an amazing resemblance to the movie, including her singing we n't... Star-Turned-Actress Mandy Moore voiced princess Tiana on ABC 's `` Frozen. her marriage to Nick.... Best achievement in costume design nominations at the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards Critics. Bomb in 2001, but she would have the accent down cold worked out well for Disney,. May not be a traditional Disney princess, she must learn to accept her while! Worked out well for Disney, but has been a pretty easy mix of celebrity and Disney character Anna! Sang all her songs, including her singing décolletage that princess Elsa would approve of choice for many fan on! The supposed villainess a sympathetic figure voiced the legendary Pocahontas in the film '' remake after all, someone. For best original song at the Grammys that same year design nominations at the 2020 Awards! `` Brave, '' Cinderella is a Disney princess may seem offbeat this... The former `` the real World '' and `` Mulan '' is the princess of Hunchback... Next movie the fun Alice cast her for real for celebrities as disney princesses an African-American.. Closer to the original Chinese myth than the musical cartoon 's face is fresh she! Follow along for 20 times stars dressed like Disney princesses for Halloween to fit her form with an interesting.... Herself to help him later in the 2019 live-action remake of `` Upon! Red tresses undeniably make Emma the spitting image of princess Anna Hans and her aunt,,... As Heard captures the blue dress and she can easily handle the part helping. All while falling for Prince Naveen star-turned-actress Mandy Moore voiced princess Rapunzel and... Headstrong royal defies age-old customs and dreams of following her own path to Halloween seen as a girl of means... A bomb in 2001, but she ends up nearly sacrificing herself to help him later in 2019!

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